Ali Asl

I started off my career in Quality Assurance (QA), where I used traditional software development methodologies to QA software. I first heard about Agile in 2001, my manager at the time told me about the Agile Manifesto. He said that it would never work where we were because the quick releases reduced quality and Agile lacked a proper governance structure.

I have been using Agile for over 12 years, with 10 of those working as a Scrum Master. Where I worked across different industries and helped large companies and enterprises through their journey towards Agile delivery and transformation.

Since 2014 I have also trained people in the banking, travel, e-commerce, telecoms and food retail industries.

Salvatore Rinaldo

My first encounter with agile software development was Extreme Programming. I was hooked: the holistic approach to business agility, the convergence of technical practices to accelerate the feedback cycle, the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the customer, it all made sense. Being an engineer, I came in from the technical side. But soon I realised this was about organisations, i.e. people. 

I went on to explore Scrum, Lean and Kanban. Then Product Management and System Thinking. The journey is still ongoing and with more focus on coaching in recent years. I’ve been trying to help organisations find better ways to serve customers and measure the right things. And because every organisation is different, it’s essential that we help organisations find their own way to explore their challenges and opportunities to continuously improve.