We spend a lot of our time learning about all things Agile; we read blogs and books, visit websites and listen to podcasts. Most importantly, we get to put it into practice in our day to day work, one experiment after the other. So, to consolidate and share our learning, and to give our own perspectives, we have decided to start a blog and develop more resources over time. Hopefully, it will help you learn more about agile and apply what you learn in your day to day work as well. Our blogs will be posted fortnightly, with links to articles, YouTube clips and anything else that might help you to educate yourselves on all things Agile.

Why are we called uncertified agilist?

We do believe in certification; we are not against it, however certification often gives the illusion that you fully know a subject. And passing a test or exam gives people the idea that they know everything they need to undertake a job role.

We hold certifications too. But working in our industry, we have observed that perhaps certifications might have lost their meaning over the years and are often used as a ‘rubber stamp’ – and a lucrative business, too.

Let’s not forget that agile software development is primarily about providing value to our customers. The values and the principles in the manifesto for agile software development are not just props to be used at training sessions, but indeed an organisational design tool.

Scrum is only one flavour of agile, but we find the Scrum Team values to be a perfect source of inspiration for how we intend to operate as a Team:

UA is dogma-free, we love all and we are not picky where we learn from to become better at what we do. Please feel free to share anything you find that you think should be mentioned in our blogs. 

Remember that you can’t just learn agile from books; you still have to practice agility to be agile.

If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far go together.

African proverb

We want to go far by helping each other.

Ali Asl
Salvatore Rinaldo