Useful Resources for your Agile Journey: Issue 8

Differences between Continuous Integration, -Delivery and -Deployment explained

Differences between Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment explained

This might be too high level for those of you at the start of your agile journey, but at some point you will come across this and if you don’t know the difference then you can’t really talk about it. This is a great article and it’s easy read.

How to De-Scale your Organization

There is a lot to unpack here, put some time aside if you want to read this, Peter has done a great job explaining his points. Everyone wants to scale but not everyone knows why, there will be a separate post about scaling at a later date.

Why interview feedback is not important

I have done exactly what Simone has recommended here, she has a great list of why you might not get the role you are going for.

I’m a Recruiter … Not a Mind Reader

It’s a real challenge for lots of recruiters, who then end up looking bad in front of their candidates, the solution is there, just need to follow it.

Why are Job Applicants so Badly Mistreated?

This is another great article about recruiters, I personally don’t like recruiter bashing but the author has given great advice and hopefully some will listen.

Life Lessons from Eli Goldratt

Short but a great article on Eli, his work has helped many, I have read his book, The Goal many times over and I even got the graphic novel.

Is ‘Always leaving the office on time’ really possible?

I really enjoyed reading this article, it is not easy to leave the office on time, but Andrew has a few steps that might help.

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