Useful Resources for your Agile Journey: Issue 6

Draw your future - Take control of your life

Draw your future – Take control of your life

This is a great exercise to do with your teams, I did the draw your future retrospective with my team at the end of the year, and it was great to see what we wanted to do and change as a team for the coming year. This is one of the things that I do with a new team.

Challenges a Scrum Master might face based on his/her professional background

I have worked with many Scrum Masters with different backgrounds so I am very happy that Olivier put this together. If you are from any of the backgrounds in this article then you can compare and hopefully be skilled at the good qualities and have overcome the difficult bits.

Sadly Olivier missed out that the ideal Scrum Masters used to be testers, so now I will never know what I will be good at and what difficulty I might face. 😉

The Apocalypse of Cloud-Native Is Already Here… And Your Agile Transformation Will Not Save You

Enjoyed reading Brad’s article, I don’t fully agree with some of the conclusions as I find Agile widely applicable thanks to its values and principles. But then again Agile has never meant frameworks or processes to me.

How Too Many Rules at Work Keep You from Getting Things Done

This should be mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to be in management or are already managing people. I have worked in many places that end up slowing the organisations and teams down.

Customer Kanban – from customer push to customer pull

I have been using kanban for a long time and there are many articles out there, however I do love this explanation on the upstream and downstream kanban. I believe many organisations and teams can benefit from it if they understand how to best apply these methods.

The Programmer’s Guide to Working on a Team

Great to see articles like this one, you can clearly see the Agile mindset in the article, well written and put together – not just for Developers to read.

How to Overcome Three Myths of Agile With Real Practices

I don’t tend to like myth busters, especially the ones to do with agile, but these ones are very common and this blog post will help you to overcome the three myths of agile with real practices.

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