Useful Resources for your Agile Journey: Issue 5

Cartoon. Your proposal is innovative. Unfortunately we won't be able to use it because we've never tried something like this before.

The art of doing twice as much in half the time

Jeff Sutherland is one of the founders of Scrum and he does a good job of giving the background of how Scrum was created and the evolution of it to date.

Modern Agile Show

This is a video series by Joshua Kerievsky and it is about the Modern Agile movement. I picked the ‘Make People Awesome’ episode, as I think it is a great complement to the Agile Manifesto.


Another great video from Allen Holub, as a fan of no estimates, this video captures the essence of it so well.

Cost of Delay

A great example of not understanding the consequences of delaying items in your backlog, which could potentially cost you millions later. This is a great exercise you can use to prioritise items such as the one in the example.

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF), even if you are not a fan of Scaled Agile you can’t deny the power of WSJF.

You can do the above exercise with your stakeholders and try out the process for yourself. You also do not need to be using SAFe to do this with your own backlog. Here is the link to the exercise.

Here my colleague Mark and I doing the exercise at a meetup in London

6 people gathered around a whiteboard working on an exercise
5 people sat in a circle working on an exercise
5 people working on an exercise

Be a trailblazer

There are lots of articles about leadership online but this one stuck with me, maybe because Ben used a clip from Office Space. We all have worked with bad bosses (you might still be working with one!). It would be good if they saw this. Get out there and be a trailblazer – after you finish reading my post.

It’s Effort, Not Complexity

This will help a lot of teams out, I have always used the complexity of the Story to estimate. Seems to be a common practice amongst the Scrum community, I am really glad Mike clarified this issue.

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