Useful Resources for your Agile Journey: Issue 2

Your Agile Certifications are Worthless
Image from @agile_memes

Kickstarter online Agile course

I have been following Allen Holub’s work since his fantastic video, The Death of Agile. And now I am very excited to see his Kickstarter campaign, Agility with Allen: The Whole Caboodle course. I try my best to keep my links cost and certified free, however, if you do need a certification then this a fraction of what you would normally pay.

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

I must have seen this video over 100 times and each time I watch it, I realise that I miss and learn something. RSA have done a wonderful job of animating it, and of course Dan Pink is great at conveying his message.

Essential Kanban: What you need to know about Kanban… even if you’re not using Kanban!

Love the title and Andy Carmichael’s style. I try not to share SlideShare links as it can be cumbersome, however, Andy has made some great slides that are easy to follow.

Essential Kanban Condensed

If Kanban was going to get a Scrum Guide this would be it, this is written by David J Anderson and Andy Carmichael. After initial registration, this free guide will give you all you need to understand and hopefully implement Kanban.

Essenial Kanban Condensed Book

Nexus and Nexus+ at a European bank

I have been following Nexus since I first heard about it last year and I am keen to hear more stories like this. Nexus is scaling by Ken Schwaber (one of the founders of Scrum).


I have been following the no estimates hashtag for over a year now and I love their energy. This article is well written and I agree with most of what is being said.

Memory Trick that Science says works

I use a lot of drawings in my training session and now, here is the scientific evidence that proves you remember better by drawing. This is also a great find for my personal life, as I am dyslexic and I like to take notes by drawing.

The Expert

I thought we end this blog post with a funny video, I hope you can see the funny side of it. Sadly, I have been in too many meeting like this and unfortunately this is still relevant to Agile.

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