Useful Resources for your Agile Journey: Issue 1

The 4 values of the Agile Manifesto

As promised here is my first Uncertified Agilist blog post. I have listed below a collection of resources that I have come across over the last fortnight. Under each resource, I have written an explanatory paragraph and hopefully, it will add some value for you. Not everything will be new, some will be old but important items.

Agile Manifesto

Agile has been around for many years and the creation of the Agile Manifesto started with the revelation of the 4 values and 12 principles. These should be embedded in everything you do as an agilist.

Scrum guide

I am often surprised by the number of people who work in the Agile space who have not read the Scrum guide. Whether you love or hate Scrum, you can’t deny its success. It’s easy to learn, however its implementation is an entirely different story.

The guide is a must for anyone working in IT, whether in Agile or traditional teams. The guide teaches you the Scrum framework. It is 16 pages long and you could probably finish it in 15 minutes and it is this document that is stretched over two days in certification courses. I read it once every 3 months as a refreshed.

Microsoft: Xbox Kanban for the Win – Eric Brechner

I really enjoyed watching this, I am a gamer and it is fantastic to see how Agile can help develop consoles and games.

The Agnostic Agile Oath

The Agnostic Agile Oath

I try to keep everything I do agnostic. I do have a favourite system but if it is not right for my customers then I don’t force them to my way of working. This is where the Agnostic Agile Oath comes in, it has 12 principles to help guide people. You can be a co-signer to the oath and you can even get a badge to display on your site.

Sustaining the transformation

I really like Rodrigo Yoshima’s style, this article will help you understand why Kanban works so well in transformation. And how to sustain coaching and continuous improvement after the consultants leave.


As an introvert I love seeing these kinds of articles, I am not alone out there, a lot of introverts have to hide and show a different side of themselves to seem extrovert.

You may have introverts in your teams so as a Scrum Master, Coach or even as a team member you need to understand how they work and feel. This is the emotional intelligence you need to have to ensure your team is successful.

Do 70% of all Organisational Change Projects Fail?

Is this a myth or is there some truth in it? This video tries to identify the origin of the 70% failure statistic. I have seen this number being thrown around and presented in slides so it was a great watch.

Looking forward to producing issue 2. In the next round, I aim to have a list of podcasts that I listen to and some great videos that I find very useful to use as training tools.

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