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Welcome to Uncertified Agilist (UA). Whether or not you are certified, we all need to start our agile journey somewhere. Courses and certifications are a great way to learn but how often do you get to practice what you have learned after passing the exam? At UA we are striving to build a community of like-minded people where you can get support from videos, blog posts, podcasts and social media.

Take your time, check out our blogs and podcasts and try new things in your day to day work. We believe knowledge should be shared, so we started this site to share our learnings and create an open, respectful, honest, focused and courageous community.

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The first of the twelve principles behind the agile manifesto says it clearly: Our highest priority is to satisfy the customerthrough early and continuous deliveryof valuable software. The word valuable holds a world of meaning here. Agile software development is about value for the customer, delivered early and continuously. So, how do we do this… Read More

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How to build Microservices – the Lean way
I did not want to share this as the article is from 2015 and technology moves on, however the learnings remain so you can still learn from this experience for your next lean product.

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Differences between Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment explained
This might be too high level for those of you at the start of your agile journey, but at some point you will come across this and if you don’t know the difference then you can’t really talk about it. This is a great article and it’s easy read.

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Bringing Simplicity to Complexity: How to Design at Scale
I really enjoyed this TED talk from Jonah Jones, using real life data and examples on simplifying complexity, a challenge many product teams face.

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We analyse typical anti-patterns we have observed when working with teams who try to transition to agile ways of working.

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A common agile anti-pattern involving demos. We’ll use Scrum terminology but what we cover applies to Kanban just the same.

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